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At Jay Lopez, D.D.S., in Tucson, Arizona, we provide the full range of restorative and aesthetic procedures. Our goal is to provide you with the finest quality treatments that will meet your satisfaction for many years to come. To meet this goal, we focus on each patient, one at a time, and give you the time and personalized attention you deserve. Dr. Lopez will tailor your dentistry to your specific needs and preferences, and he will guide you in choosing the best therapies and materials to achieve the most beautiful and long-lasting results. Learn about Digital Smile Design at Jay Lopez, D.D.S.

Your aesthetic smile makeover might be quickly achieved with one or two types of treatment. On the other hand, restoring your mouth to health, full function and optimal aesthetics may involve multiple coordinated procedures over a period of months. Every individual presents with a different oral health history and set of circumstances. If you have multiple existing problems, you can place your trust in Dr. Jay Lopez. Whole mouth restoration is a passion of his. All restorative procedures are planned for optimal function, comfort and aesthetics.

“So many people have complex dental issues that no one has been able to solve. Unless treatment is planned in a comprehensive manner that considers all aspects of their oral health and unless treatment is coordinated and thorough, they are disappointed by the reappearance of old problems and the onset of new problems. The Kois Center training I have received and now instruct others in has enabled me to plan complex treatment and achieve predictable results for hundreds of patients. There is nothing more rewarding to me than helping patients restore and maintain their oral health, function, smile, and even their systemic health and longevity through appropriate diagnostics, treatment, and guided homecare.” —Jay R. Lopez, D.D.S.


Restorative & Aesthetic Treatments

Teeth Whitening
Because having whiter teeth has now become the number one aesthetic concern of most patients, we offer both in-office power tooth whitening and take-home whitening kits. Dr. Lopez will recommend the best treatment for your circumstances. If you have intrinsic stains that tooth whitening products do not remove, he will be happy to cosmetically color correct the tooth with composite bonding or a porcelain veneer.
Whitening products have evolved over the years, and Dr. Lopez stays up to date with the best options. If teeth sensitivity has been an issue with teeth whitening in the past, discuss this with us. Both he and our hygienist will be happy to discuss the latest best options for you and provide the advice you need. Options include:

  • KöR Whitening

  • Philips Zoom Take-Home Whitening

  • In-Office Opalescence Teeth Whitening

Gone are the days when patients always had to go to the orthodontist to straighten their teeth. Dr. Lopez has had extensive training in modern orthodontics and has provided orthodontic services for many years. As one of Tucson’s premier orthodontic providers, he individualizes treatment for best results. On this website, you will find multiple articles about the various type of orthodontics he offers, including:

  • Individual Patient (IP) Appliance Orthodontics®

  • Invisalign® Orthodontics

  • Invisalign Teen® Orthodontics

  • Powerprox Six Month Braces®

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and function. Dr. Lopez will design your crown in concert with a preferred lab technician to ensure the most predictably long lasting, comfortable, and naturally beautiful treatment. When crowns are cemented into place, they fully encase the visible part of the tooth that is above the gum line. Often a provisional (temporary) crown is made to cover a tooth, while a stronger, totally natural-looking crown is made in a dental lab. Learn more about dental crowns.

Porcelain Veneers
A dental veneer is a very thin piece of durable, tooth-shaped porcelain that is bonded onto the front of a tooth. Veneers are often a treatment option for creating a cosmetically beautiful smile when teeth are slightly crooked, misshapen, not of uniform color and size, severely discolored or permanently stained, too large or too small, spaced unevenly leaving space between teeth, worn or chipped. Dr. Lopez has helped many patients achieve the smile of their dreams by using this conservative treatment – either alone or in combination with other treatments. He will carefully shape your veneers to provide optimal function, naturally beautiful appearance, and lasting results. Learn more about dental veneers.

Fillings, Inlays and Onlays
Fillings are the most common treatment for small to medium size cavities. Tooth-colored fillings are typically made of dental composite resin. Porcelain onlays and inlays also are used by Dr. Lopez for large cavities or very decayed teeth that do not require a full crown. An inlay made of porcelain is custom fit to fill a cavity. An onlay is shaped to not only fill the cavity but also wrap over one or more cusps of a tooth without fully covering the full tooth. Porcelain is not only life like in appearance but stain resistant and strong. Both dental composite and porcelain come in numerous tooth-colored shades. Dr. Jay Lopez will carefully match your filling, inlay or onlay to the natural color of your tooth. Your restoration will blend so beautifully that you may forget it is there. Learn more about tooth-colored fillings, inlays, and onlays.

Replacement of Missing Teeth
There are multiple ways of replacing missing teeth. Dr. Lopez will discuss all treatment options with you and create a treatment plan with you that takes into consideration your objectives and oral health circumstances. Dr. Lopez wants you to be fully informed about the functional and aesthetic considerations of each treatment option, as well as the procedure and cost involved, so you can make the choice that is most appropriate for you. Brief descriptions of replacement treatments follow.

Learn about the Comprehensive Dental Implant Services of Dr. Jay Lopez.

  • A fixed dental bridge is a non-removable appliance used to replace missing teeth. A traditional fixed bridge consists of two crowns that go over two anchoring teeth and one or more prosthetic teeth that are suspended between the two crowns. Porcelain dental bridges are highly durable and can last many years. They provide more stability than a removable bridge but are not as stable as prosthetic teeth placed on dental implants. Learn more about dental bridges.

  • A removable bridge (partial denture) is designed so it can be removed by you for cleaning. It is held in place by clasps but is not as stable as a fixed bridge or prosthetic teeth placed on dental implants.

  • Complete dentures are used when all teeth are missing on an upper or lower arch. This type of denture fits over your entire gum tissue on the upper or lower arch. Because dentures can slip, causing irritation and social ill ease, more and more patients are choosing to have their complete dentures stabilized with dental implants. Learn more about dentures.

  • Dental implants are the recommended standard of treatment today for the replacement of missing teeth. Our Tucson patients are very fortunate to have the expertise of Dr. Jay Lopez, who has advanced surgical training and experience providing comprehensive dental implant services – including bone grafts, sinus lifts, implant placement, and implant restoration. Most general dental practices need to refer patients out for surgery, and they only perform the implant crown, bridge or denture phases of treatment. On the other hand, surgeons only provide the surgical phases of treatment , and patients have to be referred out for the restorative phases of treatment. It’s easier and streamlined for our patients to remain here in the comfort of our office with our personalized attention on their treatment progress for both their surgical and restorative phases of treatment.

    Dr. Lopez is one of only a few dentists who have invested in 3D Cone Beam CT technology. Using modeling software and 3D CBCT scans, Dr. Lopez can do more precise treatment planning and is able to better plan dental implant treatment before proceeding with actual surgical procedures. More precise treatment planning equates to safer surgeries, less trauma, and less post-treatment discomfort.

    Dr. Lopez offers sedation options for all dental procedures, if you prefer.. Many of our implant patients choose in-office moderate IV sedation. Patients are totally relaxed, so surgery is smooth and EASY! A single biocompatible titanium implant can be placed in the jawbone to support an implant crown or multi-unit bridge with stable retention. Oftentimes hybrid overdentures can be retained on four or more implants. A removable snap on denture can be supported on a few implants as a less costly option to a hybrid denture.

    If you are a candidate for a dental implant, the benefits include:

    • One or more missing teeth can be replaced without affecting adjacent teeth.

    • Restoring missing teeth with dental implants resolves bite problems caused by teeth shifting into the missing tooth’s space and can sometimes resolve joint pain.

    • They provide the opportunity for having a “fixed” prosthetic tooth, bridge or denture that is immobile and does not have to be removed to be cleaned. This is more functionally stable and comfortable. So comfortable, you may come to think of your prosthetic teeth as your own natural ones.

    • Dental implants restore function for strong chewing, digestion, and speech. There is no slipping or discomfort. You will be able to eat all the foods you enjoy.

    • Dental implants restore a confident smile and can restore or enhance facial features.

Aesthetic Bonding
Dr. Lopez can apply tooth-colored resin composite to a tooth to mask an intrinsic stain or temporarily reshape a tooth until a more permanent solution is achieved with a porcelain veneer or crown.

Aesthetic Periodontal Procedures
Crown lengthening, gum contouring, and gum grafts are procedures available for recontouring gum tissue around teeth to create a more symmetrical and beautiful smile. These are performed in our office by Dr. Jay Lopez, who has extensive surgical training. Aesthetic crown lengthening is usually performed to correct a gummy smile or to expose more of a tooth. It is an excellent way to remove excess gum tissue and create a fuller attractive smile. Gum grafts also are used to repair receding gum tissue and cover roots after periodontal disease has been treated. Learn more about gum grafts and aesthetic gum treatments. Also read Dr. Jay Lopez’s Gum Grafts FAQ.

Whatever your needs and desires for your oral health and smile, Dr. Jay Lopez is an ideal clinician for exploring your options, learning what would be recommended for your circumstances, and achieving the highest quality results. Call today to learn more and schedule an appointment! Our friendly team will be delighted to assist you.

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