Oral CDX (Brush biopsy)

OralCDX BrushLast year, there were over 30,000 cases of oral cancer in the US, including 8,000 deaths (that’s one person per hour). Oral cancer is the only cancer in the US that is rising. The dangerous thing about oral cancer is that it may start off harmless looking with a small bump, lump, or a red or white spot in your mouth which in many cases is hard to notice.

OralCDX Brush
Oral cancer is not limited to just smokers, however smoking combined with heavy alcohol consumption puts a person at higher risk for oral cancer. Only 25% of oral cancer victims do not use tobacco or abuse alcohol.

Our office routinely performs a visual oral cancer screening not only at the initial patient dental exam, but all recall and periodic exams as well. If you notice something unusual in your mouth, DON’T WAIT. Call
the office today, early detection is key!

New technology, OralCDX, allows Dr Lopez to easily and painlessly test for oral cancer. The testing involves using a small brush to collect a sample for computer-assisted laboratory analysis. Typically, unhealthy
cells take years before they can cause any harm. During this time, the spot can typically be removed, long before oral cancer can start.

Oral Cancer PreventionPreviously, the only way we had to check a spot was to send the patientto an oral surgeon and have them cut the spot out and send it in fortesting. OralCDX has been proven to be accurate in large publishedclinical studies and has earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

Remember these lesions can be small, look like an irritation, could be ulcerated, red, or white.

Oral LesionsIf you see any of these things on your lips, cheeks, or especially along the sides or under your tongue, please call our office today to schedule an appointment, (520) 886-8090.

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