Dr. Jay R. Lopez Uses the Latest Technology for Endodontic Treatment

Technical advancements have been made in endodontics, and Dr. Jay R. Lopez is on the leading edge of this technology. When it comes to root canal therapy, he has been successfully using new 3-D instrumentation and the new EndoSequence bioceramic sealer and root repair material from Brasseler USA®. This particular bioceramic material provides advantages never seen before in dentistry:

  • Exceptional biocompatibility
  • Potent antibacterial effect
  • Exceptional dimensional stability

The formation of calcium hydroxide as a by-product of the setting reaction produces a very high pH (12.8) rendering the material antibacterial during its setting time. Once set, it remains non-resorbable within the canal, and there is no shrinkage. This material when set forms hydroxyapatite, which is what natural enamel and bones are made of, and bonds to the internal dentinal walls of the tooth’s canals. This helps create a 3-D Seal. This type of material and chemistry is a first in the world of dentistry. Direct application of this material into the root canal by a syringe designed to use various tips of different diameters and configurations makes it exceedingly efficient for clinical use.

With lifetime preservation of the tooth as the goal, our patients benefit from the new material’s maximum stability, which increases the strength and viability of the tooth. They also benefit from the minimal impact of the instruments and appreciate the efficiency of the treatment. Root canal treatment has never been as easy as now.

Using the advanced design of Brasseler’s XP-3D Shaper with Maxwire® technology, Dr. Lopez efficiently and effectively cleans the root canal system of a tooth. The technology follows the natural 3-D anatomy of the canals and expands and contracts to clean the broad and narrow aspects of the canal equally. During the cleaning and smooth process, the natural anatomy of the canal system is respected, which means the cleaning is minimally invasive.

The new instrumentation and the new modern bioceramic materials have set a new highest standard for endodontic treatments, and Dr. Jay R. Lopez is proud to have trained in their usage and to have successfully treated many patients.