3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner

At Jay Lopez, D.D.S., in Tucson, we use a 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner to comfortably make digital impressions that are precisely accurate, leading to optimal treatment planning and lab fabrications.

You no longer need to have a tray filled with a goopy, putty-like material inserted in your mouth to make a 3D impression. Instead, a scanning wand is passed over the inside and outside of your teeth and the surrounding periodontal tissue. The wand uses a blue wavelength light to precisely capture the unique morphology of each tooth and its adjacent gum tissue, and to produce a highly accurate 3D digital model.

This technology can be used in planning orthodontic treatment, planning restorative treatment, prepping teeth to receive restorations, and digitally sending your images and 3D model to Dr. Lopez’s preferred dental lab to create your restoration (crown, bridge, veneer, or onlay). With this technology, Dr. Lopez can also create customized therapeutic bite splints, sports guards, orthodontic retainers, and teeth whitening trays that perfectly fit.

The efficiency of dental treatment is increased, as well as the accuracy. For example, the scanning process is faster than taking traditional tray impressions. The digital information can be used with 3D treatment planning software for digital smile design and computer guided implant surgery. The patient can see their model instantaneously on the computer screen for discussion and collaboration. Digital information can be transferred immediately to any dental lab.

Investment in this advanced dental technology is just one of the ways Dr. Jay Lopez strives to be on the leading edge of what is best for his patients. Patients are delighted with the highly comfortable scanning process and the images they can immediately view. Patients place higher trust in treatments that are based on precisely accurate models.

“Three-dimensional imaging and simulation software are transforming the field of dentistry,” says Dr. Lopez. “I want for my patients what I want for myself, and that is the highest quality diagnostic and treatment modalities.”