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Implants, dentures, veneers, crowns, and more of Dr. Lopez’s cases.

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Implant Case 1

With the loss of a tooth towards the front of her mouth our patient desired the best treatment we could offer. She wanted it to look and feel natural. She wanted it to look and feel like she had never lost the tooth in the first place. Our patient was able to show her beautiful smile with confidence at her wedding.

Implant Case 2

Our patient desired a treatment option that would not alter his normal daily routine. He wanted to be able to brush and floss with no special instructions or extra tools and to eat all the foods he had always enjoyed. We placed an Implant, custom abutment, and Implant crown that is not only natural looking but meets all our patient’s desires.

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Implant Case 3

This patient was offered 3 different treatment options: 3 Unit Bridge, Removable Partial, or an Implant. Our patient did not want something removable so that left either the 3 Unit Bridge which would require Dr. Lopez to remove all the enamel on the adjacent teeth or an Implant. He chose an Implant. The pictures show the custom abutment and the Implant crown once it was cemented.

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(Before Image 1) “I’m very happy with my new bridge. I hardly notice it is there and I got used to it relatively quickly.” The patients previous bridge had metal under the porcelain and the shade did not match his natural teeth. His new bridge was made of all porcelain in order to better mimic natural enamel. A custom shade was recommended to achieve the best color match to adjacent natural teeth. Our patient came in expecting just a new bridge and walked away with a renewed sense of confidence.

Full Dentures

Our patient’s choice of treatment was a new denture to enhance his smile. So we paid specific attention to insure that his new denture fit the best and was proportional to his face. He now has the smile he dreamed about.


This patient had a weak tooth break because of structural compromise due to several previous fillings being placed on the same tooth over the years. Patient opted to have the front two teeth restored with All Porcelain Crowns. Here is what she had to say, “My front teeth have been chipped for many years and had numerous fillings. Over the years, several dentists suggested crowns, but I always hesitated as I had a fear of having crowned front teeth that would stand out, and not match my other teeth. Also, I knew that as gum tissue recedes the metal base of the crown can show. Then a few weeks ago my front tooth broke off, so now I knew the teeth would have to be crowned. Dr. Lopez gave me several options and I decided to go with the full porcelain crowns. The full porcelain crowns have no metal base, so when the gums do recede no metal will show. Dr. Lopez did a very thorough process of making several sets of impressions of my teeth and taking photographs for the lab so they could match the exact color of my teeth. My new crowns are in and nobody can tell they are not my teeth. Thank you Dr. Lopez.”

Connective Tissue Grafting

(Before – first picture) Patient was concerned with how this area looked when she smiled and the sensitivity she experienced while eating and drinking anything cold. We recommended a Connective Tissue Graft that would resolve both of these issues. (After – second picture) Patient was extremely pleased with results!

Veneers Case 1

This patient came to us wanting the spaces in his front teeth closed, he was shortly leaving for graduate school and desired his “perfect” smile. We discussed Orthodontia (braces) but the patient was not interested in taking advantage of this option. In this specific case we did need to talk with the patient about the limitations of only placing veneers to close the spaces. We designed a wax up so the patient could see the end results before we even worked on the teeth. After viewing the wax up our patient was very happy and within 2 appointments had his “perfect” smile.

Veneers Case 2

Only front 2 teeth were restored with porcelain veneers. Our patient wanted her youthfulness given back to her. She requested this be done with minimal and conservative dental treatment. Now her smile reflects her age.


This patient had always been self-conscious about the white spots on her teeth and had always been told nothing could be done to even out the color. By using a technique called enamelplasty- we were able to make the white areas almost undetectable.

Post-Accident Treatment

Here in Tucson everywhere you look you see bicyclist and we have had our fair share of emergencies that have come up from a patient getting into an accident. In this case our patient had a fractured lower jaw, broken teeth, lost tooth, and loose teeth. We worked with an oral surgeon in town who stabilized the lower jaw. We then temporarily bonded the front teeth while waiting for things to stabilize. We placed bone grafts on the lower, did multiple root canals, placed an implant on the lower, extracted 1 tooth, made a 2 unit bridge off of the implant on lower, recontoured lower front teeth, and placed 3 Veneers, and 1 All Porcelain Crown on upper front teeth. Our patient was very appreciative of the fact that Dr. Lopez was able to take care of all stages of his treatment.