Our New Patient Experience

There are many reasons why patients first come to Jay Lopez, D.D.S, and there are several types of first appointments. Most of our patients live year round in Tucson and the greater Tucson area, but many are seasonal residents and visitors. Many come to us for the first time because a friend or family member has referred them. Quite a few find us on the internet, while searching for a dentist who is passionate about personalized quality care and offers expertise in services traditionally referred out to multiple offices. Others have sought out Dr. Lopez because of his expertise in smile makeovers and his reputation for highly successful whole mouth restoration. Patients come because of his renown expertise in comprehensive implant services. Some come because they are experiencing dental pain or other oral discomfort and need urgent treatment. Still others come for a solution to problems no one else has been able to solve.

Whatever your reason, we welcome you to our practice and will do our best to address your primary concern during your first visit. When making your appointment, share with us your needs and what you would like to achieve. The proper time will be allocated for your visit. New patients do not have to have a comprehensive examination at their first appointment. Many new patients initially come for a consultation and then schedule time for a comprehensive examination that will allow Dr. Lopez to plan the treatment they desire.

Dr. Lopez believes no two patients are alike. He also believes in doing his absolute best for every patient. This means that he wants to fully understand your desires for your oral health and smile. He wants to gather all information related to your oral health circumstances. And, he wants to develop a comprehensive plan to move you toward optimal comfort, health, function and aesthetics. Together, you and Dr. Lopez will work towards achieving your preferred dental future—a future that not only impacts your quality of life but also your total health and longevity.

In order to provide this highest level of oral health care, your first appointment will begin with a conversation. This will be a relaxed time with Dr. Lopez to talk about your concerns, health history, and what you want to achieve with his help. What happens after that “preclinical” conversation depends on your goals for the new patient appointment you have scheduled. For example, if your first appointment was prompted by the desire to have a smile makeover from one of the nation’s top cosmetic and functional dentists, then time will be spent examining and talking about the health of your mouth and what is possible to transform the appearance of your smile. If your first appointment was prompted by the knowledge that you are due for an oral examination, then time will be spent on a comprehensive exam. But, first there is a conversation that allows us to comfortably get to know each other.

Dr. Jay Lopez will take time to listen to you in a very focused way. He will always take time to answer your questions and will even anticipate the questions you have not yet asked or don’t know to ask. Because he is passionate about providing optimal care, our first goal will be to make you comfortable, then to learn what you may need to restore health and function. But, the aesthetic aspect of your smile…its appearance…is so important to your self-confidence, that Dr. Lopez will be interested in what you like and dislike about your smile. This is a perfect time to tour your mouth and learn what is possible to achieve.

Our patients are fully informed and given time to consider their treatment options prior to accepting care. This includes:

  • why treatment is recommended
  • images documenting the need for treatment
  • explanation of your options
  • what may happen if you do not move forward with care
  • the treatment plan Dr. Lopez recommends
  • fees associated with treatment
  • estimated out-of-pocket expenses you will have after your dental benefits are used
  • extended payment options to cover those fees
    • If phasing your treatment over an extended period will make your treatment more affordable, this will be discussed. When you are satisfied your questions have been answered and you want to move forward, we will schedule your next appointment at a time convenient to you.

      The entire team at Jay Lopez, D.D.S. takes pride in learning how we can make a difference in your life. If you have had experiences in the past that have made you anxious about dental visits, we can go slowly with your initial visit and just have a conversation. We want you to feel comfortable and unrushed. If you find sedation attractive for your dental treatments, speak to us. If you have other special concerns, such as limited time to leave work for appointments, let us know. We’ll be happy to work with you. In fact, when you come for your first appointment, every member of our team will look forward to meeting you.

      We invite you to give us a call today!