IV Sedation

Sedation Dentistry in TucsonDr. Jay Lopez offers intravenous (IV) moderate sedation. If you are a Tucson resident who suffers from dental anxiety or a severe gag reflex, you are probably interested in sedation dentistry. Dr. Jay Lopez is fully trained and licensed to deliver IV sedation using a dose that is easily individualized to meet your specific needs. You will be placed into a completely relaxed state but still be conscious enough to communicate with Dr. Lopez and his professional assistants. The administered medication will eliminate anxiety and pain.

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The IV Sedation Dentistry Experience

The experience is different from oral moderate sedation in one very important respect. Dr. Lopez will be able to easily adjust the level of medication with almost instantaneous effect. If you are shying away from dental care due to a fear of needles, we want you to be assured that we are experts in managing this.

You will lie back in the dental chair, fully relaxed, and can close your eyes and rest. IV sedation is the optimal way to have fully relaxed and safe treatment completed. You will be able to breathe on your own and respond to verbal cues from Dr. Lopez. Due to medications administered that have an amnesic effect, you will “wake up” with treatment completed, feeling like it’s been two minutes. Because you are completely relaxed, he will be able to accomplish more high-quality dentistry in less time. You’ll be so relaxed that you’ll be unaware of the sights, smells and sounds of the dental office. Many patients report that they remember little-to-nothing of their appointment by the next day. Many people report less post treatment muscle and soft tissue tenderness than they experienced in the past (without sedation).

Once IV sedation is administered, you are never left alone. Just as in the case of oral moderate sedation, we make sure that Dr. Lopez or one of our professional team members is always with you. A team member will make sure you stay comfortably warm with a blanket. Dr. Lopez will constantly monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, oxygen level, and pulse.

After treatment, we will observe you and make sure you are comfortable until you are alert. Many patients begin to feel alert soon after the IV medication is stopped. Because you should not drive or operate heavy machinery for at least 24 hours after the end of your appointment, we will instruct you to have someone drive you to that appointment and take you home afterwards.

Safety Is Our First Priority

Your first appointment in our office will be a standard consultation. We will take a complete health history, conduct a full evaluation of your needs, perform a comprehensive oral exam and explain the procedures being recommended. Your blood pressure, oxygen level and heart rate will all be measured, and Dr. Lopez will want to complete x-rays during this appointment as well. It’s critical to tell us about all medications and supplements you take so Dr. Lopez can check for any potential drug interactions with the sedation medications that will be used.

Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, you will have to fill out paperwork giving your consent for treatment including IV sedation. Before you do this, Dr. Lopez will answer any questions you may have and issue pre-appointment instructions. Depending on your health history, he may want to contact your primary physician or medical specialists prior to providing you with sedation dentistry.

Paying for IV Sedation

The fee for IV sedation is dependent on the duration of your treatment and other factors. This will be discussed with you prior to your acceptance of recommended treatment. We will take unhurried time with you to fully inform you about recommended procedures and fees, and to answer your questions. We offer LendingClub and CareCredit payment plans and participate with several insurance companies.

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Dr. Lopez offers both oral and IV sedation in his Tucson office. Call us today to learn more about these options and to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to hear about your needs and concerns when you call, and our friendly team will make you feel comfortable and welcome from the moment you call!