Advantages of IV Sedation

If you are a Tucson resident who suffers from dental anxiety or a severe gag reflex, you are probably interested in sedation dentistry. Dr. Jay Lopez is fully trained and licensed to deliver intravenous (IV) moderate sedation using a dose that is easily individualized to meet your specific needs.

IV sedation benefits patients in six ways:

  1. IV sedation produces total relaxation, but you are still responsive when Dr. Lopez and his assistant communicate with you.
  2. IV sedation eliminates anxiety and pain safely.
  3. It increases the efficiency of your appointment.
  4. It can mean less post-treatment soft tissue tenderness.
  5. Relaxation is immediate.
  6. Dosage can be easily controlled by the Dr. Jay Lopez for your individual needs.

Dr. Lopez offers both oral sedation and IV sedation in his Tucson office. Call us today to learn more about these options and to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to hear about your needs and concerns when you call, and our friendly team will make you feel comfortable and welcome from the moment you call!