Root Canal Therapy (Endodontic Treatment)

Unlike many general dentists, Dr. Jay Lopez has advanced training and expertise in root canal therapy. He routinely performs endodontic treatment for his patients in the comfort of his own Tucson office.

If you are experiencing prolonged dental pain or pain that comes and goes, especially when you eat and drink hot and cold foods and beverages, the pulp of a tooth may be inflamed or infected. This may be the result of tooth decay that has reached the inside of the tooth, a crack or chip in the tooth, a hard blow to the tooth, or a variety of other causes. Tooth discoloration or an infection in the gum tissue at the base of a tooth may also indicate the tooth needs endodontic treatment. Abscesses in the gum tissue should be treated immediately. Failure to seek urgent care may result in loss of a tooth or put you at severe systemic health risk.

In these circumstances, you want to know why you are experiencing symptoms, and if you are in acute discomfort, you want fast answers and treatment. When you call our office and explain your concern and symptoms, we will take your concerns seriously. We will schedule you as soon as possible. Dr. Lopez will diagnosis the situation and can predictably and painlessly provide root canal therapy if it is needed. If you suffer from dental anxiety and would like a sedative, Dr. Lopez can provide nitrous oxide, oral moderate sedation, or even IV sedation.

What to Expect

The first step is to examine, test, x-ray, and diagnosis the tooth. In our office, sedation options are also available. Dr Lopez is one of the few or only clinicians in Tucson that provides both root canal treatment and administration of IV sedation himself.

After your tooth is numb and you will feel no pain, Dr. Lopez makes an opening in the enamel to enter the pulp chamber and root canals. He then uses very small instruments to clean and prepare the pulp chamber and root canals to be sealed with a bioceramic material. This material is adhesively placed securely inside the tooth to ensure the complete sealing of the root canals. This way, the tips of the roots are sealed, the roots are filled, and the roots can continue to hold the tooth securely in place. If a posterior tooth, it needs to be restored with a dental crown. A crown is required, so the tooth will be strong enough to support the demands of the chewing forces.The crown Dr. Lopez designs for you will fit perfectly in your bite and provide optimal natural and aesthetic appearance.

Many times following root canal therapy, the tooth requires a core build-up or post inside the tooth to act as the foundation for the crown. If the risk of insufficient tooth structure is high, Dr. Lopez will discuss with you why removal of the tooth and replacement of the tooth with an implant may be a more conservative and more predictable long-lasting treatment option. He will inform you fully, so you can make the treatment decision that is best for you. We will closely follow you after endodontic treatment to make sure you continue to have optimal care.

Do You Have a Painful Tooth in Tucson, AZ?

This is no laughing matter. The longer you wait to address the problem, the worse the problem can become. With prompt diagnosis and treatment, you may be able to avoid acute pain. With early diagnosis, treatment can be minimized. Call Jay Lopez, D.D.S. today!

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