Aesthetic Gum Treatments

Not only are healthy gums important for the health of your teeth and your overall health, they are essential for a beautiful smile. Dr. Jay Lopez of Tucson, AZ, is dedicated to achieving optimal oral health, function, and beauty. When evaluating a smile for aesthetic improvement, he considers the contours of your gum tissue.

Healthy pink gum tissue compliments and firmly frames the teeth. Restoring gum tissue to health could be the first step. Once gum tissue is healthy, the contours of your gum tissue can be reshaped to create a more symmetrical and naturally aesthetic appearance.

Gum Contouring

“A common problem is unsymmetrical gum tissue,” says Dr. Lopez. This makes the teeth appear different in length. Dr. Lopez can use his soft tissue laser to comfortably perform minimal gum contouring to balance the gum tissue. He can expose more vertical length of the upper front teeth to correct a gummy smile. “Many patients elect this treatment,” says Dr. Lopez. “If you desire a smile makeover, this treatment is easily combined with other aesthetic treatments, because, after laser contouring, healing is fast.”

As with all aesthetic procedures, Dr. Lopez will fully inform you and provide the guidance you need to make the best treatment decisions. If you are unhappy with the uneven tooth lengths you see when you smile, or if gum tissue disproportionately covers your upper front teeth, you may want gum contouring.

“It’s a simple treatment that makes a big difference to a smile,” says Dr. Lopez. “Patients, who choose this treatment, are delighted with the aesthetic results.”

Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is another treatment used to restore oral health and improve smile aesthetics. A gum graft is a procedure that replaces missing gum tissue around your teeth or dental implants. This is one of the oral plastic surgery procedures Dr. Jay Lopez performs routinely in the comfort of his own office. He has studied under a renowned Oral Plastic Surgeon in minimally invasive soft tissue surgery and stays at the forefront of the latest techniques. Our patients benefit from the extensive surgical experience of Dr. Lopez. This treatment can be done with local anesthetic, or if you prefer, IV sedation.

To learn more about gum grafting, Dr. Lopez has prepared this Gum Grafting Information Sheet for his patients.