Your Oral Health Affects Your Total Health

Local Tucson dentist, Dr. Jay Lopez, is part of the oral systemic health movement. As an active member of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH), he is on the forefront of health professionals dedicating themselves to expanding awareness about the relationships between oral health and systemic health. As a health-centered dentist, he intentionally keeps up with advances in dental and medical science, and he educates his patients about them. Research over the last twenty years has produced a large body of evidence that clearly links gum inflammation with heightened risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, immunological disorders, obesity, infertility, pregnancy complications, cancer of the mouth, head and neck – and more. The good news is that extensive research has demonstrated that when gum inflammation is treated and kept in check, the risk factors lower.

There are several factors that affect whether you develop gum disease and may be susceptible to it. These include home hygiene, regular professional dental care, nutrition, stress, disease conditions of your body, body weight, and genetics. The risks go up if you are obese, live a stressful life, have heart disease or diabetes, suffer from a vast range of inflammatory diseases, eat lots of sugary foods and beverages, do not thoroughly brush and floss at sufficient frequency, don’t see the dentist often enough for regular periodic dental cleanings and early diagnosis of problems for early treatment, are taking medications that affect the environment of your mouth, use tobacco, drink alcohol frequently, and/or have inherited certain genes that affect your immune response to certain oral bacterial. And the consequence is that once gum inflammation is present, the risk factors can become compounded. For example, diabetes can worsen. Arterial plaque can build up more.

The essential thing to remember is that prevention of inflammation and maintenance of inflammation-free gum tissue translates into improved systemic health. In partnership with OralDNA Labs, Dr. Jay Lopez has the means to test what specific bacteria are flourishing in your mouth and whether you have a genetic susceptibility for certain bacteria to flourish. Armed with this knowledge, he can create a treatment plan that will effectively address your needs.

By catching gum disease early and treating it, dentists help control diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, lupus, and multiple other inflammatory diseases. Dr. Lopez knows from clinical studies, first-hand experience with his own patients, and the experience of his colleagues that intentional focus on diagnosis and effective treatment results in measurable improved health outcomes.

“Our patients have responded very positively to conversations about their overall health and the impact their oral health can have on their body,” says Dr. Lopez. “A growing number of patients are accepting OralDNA Saliva Testing and even calling to ask about it. Diabetic patients and those with diagnosed cardiovascular disease are especially appreciative that we are here to support and help them.”

Dr. Jay Lopez welcomes new patients. If one of your goals is total body wellness, we genuinely think you will like our dental practice. Give Jay R. Lopez, D.D.S., a call today!

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