Comprehensive Oral Exams at Jay Lopez, D.D.S.

Dr. Jay R. Lopez of Tucson, AZ welcomes new dental patients. Dr. Lopez and our registered dental hygienist will work as a team to ensure you have the highest level of preventative and restorative oral health care. We are known for our compassion and gentle thoroughness. If you suffer from dental anxiety, we offer sedation options even for routine dental care such as twice yearly oral exams and and dental cleanings.

“It’s important that everyone have regular dental check-ups and professional teeth cleanings to identify problems early,” says Dr. Lopez. “By teaming together with us, you can maintain a high level of oral health that prevents diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease from starting. And, if a problem does start, we can address it quickly and more easily than if you wait.”

During your Comprehensive Oral Exam, Dr. Lopez will review your medical and oral health history with you. He will spend time with you learning about your dental concerns and the specific goals you may have for eliminating dental pain and disease, restoring damaged teeth, replacing missing teeth, or improving a removable denture, removable bridge, or fixed dental restoration. He will thoroughly examine the soft tissue of your mouth for sores, infection, and oral cancer. Dr. Lopez or our registered dental hygienist will probe the depth of gum pockets around the base of each tooth, so Dr. Lopez can evaluate the health of the periodontal tissue supporting your teeth. Dr. Lopez will examine your teeth carefully, one at a time, and examine your dental x-rays for signs of decay, tooth wear, fine cracks, fractures, and other structural damage that has weakened teeth. He also will check the function and health of your jaw joints and palpate jaw and neck muscles for tenderness. He will also take the time to discuss any aesthetic concerns or improvements you are interested in achieving.

When a new patient comprehensive exam is scheduled, sufficient time is set aside for you and Dr. Lopez to get to know each other, and the exam is individualized based on your needs and concerns. It’s very common to have digital X-rays taken during a new patient exam. Throughout the examination process, Dr. Lopez will be documenting all his findings related to your personal oral health and aesthetic desires. Often a second appointment is recommended to discuss in detail your options and fully answer all your clinical and financial questions. Based on his findings and your oral health goals, he may recommend additional steps be taken prior to your consultation.

During your exam, if you and Dr. Lopez discuss restorative or aesthetic treatment to address health issues or smile concerns, your mouth can be digitally three dimensionally scanned, and a photographic record be made of your smile, face, and inside your mouth. With our advanced digital technology, these records are quickly, safely, and comfortably made in our office. Records such as these will enable optimal diagnosis and treatment planning. If you decide you would like to consider implant treatment, 3D Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) images can be done in our very own office. These will enable precise treatment planning. He may even recommend DNA Saliva Testing if you have evidence of chronic or advanced gum disease.

Dr. Lopez is passionate about providing highest quality dentistry in an environment of exceptional personalized service. He has made investments in advanced technology that most dentists have not invested in, so that he can give you the absolute best of care. For this reason, as a new patient in our office, you may experience an examination process that involves digital equipment, and a thoroughness unlike any you have experienced before. Dr. Lopez’s goal is to educate you and help you understand your risks in all aspects of your dental health to put you in a position to achieve your preferred oral health future.

After the comprehensive new patient exam, most patients are scheduled for semi-annual checkups. If you are receiving treatment to restore teeth, makeover your smile, or eliminate gum disease, Dr. Lopez will schedule your next appointment at the appropriate time for each step of treatment.

We Welcome New Patients

  • Has it been six months or more since you had an oral health exam?
  • Are you seeking optimal personalized oral health care?
  • Would you like a dentist who offers sedation dentistry and expertise in services traditionally referred to specialists?
  • Would you like a dentist who is on the forefront of dentistry and has a successful track record for solving complex dental problems?
  • Are you considering whole or partial mouth restoration with dental implants?

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