Orthodontics at Jay Lopez, D.D.S.

A beautiful, healthy smile can be yours! At Jay Lopez, D.D.S., orthodontic treatment is available for teens and adults, using Individual Patient Appliance Orthodontics®, Invisalign®, Invisalign Teen®, ClearCorrect® or Powerprox Six Month Braces®.

Dr. Lopez has trained to a high level of expertise and is a premiere provider of orthodontics in Tucson. Because he has a passion for healthy, functional and beautiful smiles, your health and smile transformation will be comprehensively treated within the comfort of his office. Rarely is a teen or adult patient referred to an orthodontic specialist, which equals a cost savings.

Why Orthodontics?

In addition to helping create optimal smile aesthetics, orthodontic treatment will address current or potential oral health problems. Crooked, crowded and overlapping teeth can cause a wide range of problems, including:

  • Tooth decay and gum disease – Teeth that are not in proper alignment are hard to clean, particularly if they overlap. A build-up of plaque can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Even, eventual tooth loss.
  • Wear and tear – The teeth of the upper and lower jaw are meant to come together in a specific way, with the upper teeth slightly protruding over the lower teeth. If they are misaligned, the action of chewing may grind the teeth unevenly.
  • Jaw injury – The jaw joint is called the temporo-mandibular joint, which is also known as the TMJ. A bad bite may place stress and strain on this joint; this can cause localized problems such as pain, headaches as well as clicking or grinding noises when the jaw opens and closes.
  • Speech impediments – Many sounds are made with the tongue against or near the teeth. Misaligned teeth or jaws can interfere with speech.
  • Inadequate space to restore teeth – There may be inadequate space to predictably restore a diseased tooth with a filling or crown, or to replace a failing or lost tooth with a traditional bridge or implant supported crown.
  • Lower self-confidence – If you are reluctant to smile due to misaligned teeth, you deserve to know what is possible for you. The results of orthodontic treatment can be life transforming!

Initial Planning

Once the problems are diagnosed, we create a step-by-step corrective plan. Any existing dental findings will likely need to be addressed before orthodontic treatment can begin. For instance, any decay must be treated, a dental cleaning must be performed, and wisdom teeth may need to be removed before orthodontic treatment can be started. Dr. Lopez will begin with a comprehensive exam and required x-rays to precisely see the position of tooth roots. Digital scans or oral impressions will be taken, as well as digital photos of your face, profile, mouth and smile.

Call for you initial orthodontic consultation today!

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