Gum Grafts

As part of an aesthetic smile makeover or as part of a treatment plan to restore your gum tissue to health and protect your teeth, a gum graft may be recommended. Gum grafting is one of the oral surgery treatments that Dr. Jay Lopez performs routinely in his Tucson dental office. Dr. Lopez offers IV moderate sedation in his office for this treatment.

Why You Might Need and Want a Gum Graft

Some known reasons why people have gum recession can be due to periodontal disease, malocclusion concerns (bite issues during normal chewing function), bruxism (clenching/grinding =excessive bite forces), external factors (i.e. toothbrush or toothpaste), or inherent factors (i.e. tooth position or gum thickness). Each person is unique, so it is possible for there to be a combination of reasons.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a world where things improve on their own so having the expertise of Dr. Jay Lopez to help determine why the gums have receded, the best course of improvement and future prevention is key.

Two primary reasons patients first research gum grafting is because of either aesthetics concerns or temperature sensitivity. Another reason that is not discussed enough is the higher susceptibility for exponential recession and subsequent bone loss. The complexity of treatment increases and predictability decreases as more recession and bone loss occurs.

What Gum Graft Treatment Involves

Dr. Lopez performs this treatment with the most minimally invasive technique, and you will benefit from Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) used to help with healing properties. The tissue can either be harvested from a section on the roof of your mouth or donor tissue. Prior to any treatment we will discuss all details relating to your specific circumstances and options. You also have the choice of IV sedation for this treatment if you would prefer.

The surgery site(s) will be tender for a few days, so you will modify your diet slightly. “Patients respond well to this common surgery,” says Dr. Lopez. “They are always amazed by the results.”

To learn more, you may want to read Dr. Lopez’s information sheet about gum grafts.