Dental Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tucson dentist, Jay Lopez, D.D.S., performs surgical extractions of teeth, including third molars (wisdom teeth) on a regular basis. This procedure is performed comfortably in our office with your choice of sedation, including IV sedation.

Dr. Lopez and his team will make sure every detail of your experience is carefully planned and monitored so you are well informed, at ease, have minimal discomfort, and are optimally treated.

We will provide you with home care instructions to minimize post-operative swelling discomfort and to ensure best results. Dr. Lopez will even call to check on you after you go home.

Dr. Jay Lopez may recommend bone ridge preservation with the addition of osseous material in the root sockets vacated by the removed tooth roots. This procedure is commonly performed in our office and will help preserve bone tissue and prepare the site for future implant placement, if elected.

Dr. Lopez uses Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) for faster, optimal healing in many cases. The PRF is placed in the wound site before the gum tissue is sutured. Even if you are not planning on restoring your smile with an implant and opting for a traditional bridge or denture, bone ridge preservation will slow down bone loss that occurs when tooth roots are removed, and thus help preserve your smile and facial aesthetics.

If you have not had your wisdom teeth removed and would like an opinion about whether they should be removed, please give us a call. His advanced technology enables him to perform precise surgery with minimal impact. IV moderate sedation is recommended for wisdom teeth removal. You will be completely relaxed, allowing Dr. Lopez to more efficiently remove the teeth with even more minimal impact on bone tissue and gingiva.

Not only will the technique of your dental extractions be of highest quality, with faster healing, but you will be in the care of the restorative and aesthetic (cosmetic) dentist who can help you achieve optimal restoration of your oral health, dental function and smile.

We offer complimentary consultation appointments. Dr. Jay Lopez offers complimentary counseling for wisdom teeth extraction. We invite you to give our office, on East Tanque Verde Road in Tucson, a call today.