Individual Patient (IP) Appliance® Orthodontics FAQ

Why does Dr. Jay Lopez recommend Individual Patient (IP) Orthodontics?

Individual Patient (IP) Appliance® braces are made of high quality, durable, thoroughly tested materials, and customized to each patient. The IP Appliance® improves upon traditional braces, moving away from a “one size fits all” approach to a precise customization based on each patient. Your braces and wires will be precisely customized to provide optimal treatment. This customization will improve treatment speed, clinical effectiveness, and retention of your dental alignment after treatment is completed.

I was interested in Invisalign. Why did Dr. Lopez recommend IP Orthodontics for me?

For many orthodontic cases, IP Orthodontics will better meet the positioning objectives of treatment than Invisalign, providing greater ability to turn teeth, make room for all teeth in the arch, and correct severe misalignment. The end result will not only achieve the cosmetic goals of orthodontics, but also create a harmonious bite that will help you maintain better oral health, function and comfort for the rest of your life. The retention of the achieved optimal positioning of your teeth has been demonstrated to be very long lasting. Patients are advised to wear an appliance at night—a retainer, in order to maintain optimal tooth positions..

Is IP Orthodontics more expensive than traditional braces?

Treatment fees are similar to that of wearing traditional braces. Since the cost of orthodontics differs significantly by case (based on the severity of your misalignment and the time you will need to be in braces), Dr. Lopez will quote an accurate fee for your specific treatment. This will be quoted before you make your decision, and we will explain our payment options, including maximizing your insurance benefits. We are pleased to offer the Care Credit extended payment plan. Our administrative staff will provide you with full details about your options.

Do you accept my insurance? Will it cover IP Orthodontics?

IP Orthodontics is covered by dental insurance companies the same way that traditional braces are. If your insurance company is not listed below, please call our office, as we will likely still accept your plan and work with your insurance company to maximize your benefits.

  • Humana
  • Delta
  • Aetna
  • Metlife
  • Guardian
  • Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Arizona
  • Assurant

Will IP Orthodontics be painful?

Like with any type of orthodontic treatment, you can expect to experience some discomfort, especially in the beginning of your treatment. This is a sign that your teeth are moving. Since your braces and wires are customized to you, you will have fewer wire changes and less irritation. With the flexible nickel-titanium arch wires Dr. Lopez uses, there will be light, continual forces helping your teeth move. Your customized appliance will move your teeth at the most biologically ideal pace to be most effective and also reduce discomfort. Most people experience very little discomfort, much like tingling in their teeth.

How long will I wear IP Appliance braces

Treatment with the IP Appliance® has been shown to be at least six months faster than traditional wire and bracket orthodontics treatment. From studying the results reported on tens of thousands of cases, Dr. Lopez estimates typical treatment time is substantially less than that of traditional braces. (Traditional braces typically take two years or more.) Keep in mind that treatment time varies significantly by severity, age, compliance to wearing prescribed appliances, and anatomy. Dr. Lopez will consult with you about how long you can expect your treatment to take. Dr. Lopez has trained extensively to diagnose each detail of your case and anticipate your teeth’s movements before treatment even starts. You can expect your customized IP Appliance treatment to be highly efficient and effective.

Why haven’t I heard about this type of braces before?

Because the use of the IP Appliance requires advanced orthodontic tools to provide you with a computer-customized treatment, only a relatively small percentage of dentists and orthodontists have made this sizable investment in equipment and training for the benefit of their patients. The IP Appliance was released by Progressive Dental Supply in 2003 after 18 years of development and testing. Since 2003, dentists and orthodontists around the world have been traveling to training centers to undertake a rigorous course of study involving over 400 hours of lectures, discussions, and mentored hands-on clinical exercises. Graduates of the IP Appliance training program have learned to use computerized orthodontics to provide you the most effective and detailed diagnosis and treatment.