Tucson Hybrid Dentures Press Release

Tucson Dentist Jay R. Lopez Proudly Offers Hybrid Dentures and IV Sedation

Jay R. Lopez, DDS, of Tucson, Arizona, is proud to provide the latest in dental implant treatment for patients who have lost all their teeth on the upper or lower arch or will soon be losing their teeth.

“If you are missing all of your natural teeth on an upper or lower arch,” says Dr. Lopez, “an overdenture fixed on dental implants can completely restore your natural function and appearance.”

When full dentures (including prosthetic teeth and gum tissue) completely cover the alveolar ridge and are firmly anchored to the jaw with dental implants, they are called “hybrid dentures.” Once they are fixed on dental implants, all slippage is eliminated. Unlike removable full dentures, hybrid dentures do not cover the palate of the mouth. This means you will be able to taste and enjoy your food.

“All my patients, who have opted for this treatment, share two things. They wish they’d made the decision for this treatment sooner, and the results were life changing,” reports Dr. Lopez.

An upper or lower hybrid denture can be supported and fixed on as few as four dental implants, hence the name “All-on-4” – but, some cases call for 5 or 6 implants. “Depending on your circumstances, I can design treatment with the minimal number of implants that is right for you,” says Dr. Lopez.

Dr. Jay Lopez has had extensive training and experience with dental implant therapy in reconstructive dentistry. Sedation dentistry is one of his areas of expertise, and he is certified to personally administer IV sedation. This means that patients can elect to be sedated during their outpatient surgery to place the minimal number of implants.

According to Dr. Lopez, “This is comforting to many patients. The effects of IV sedation are immediate, very accurate and safe. Most patients do not remember their procedure, only receiving the IV and waking up after the procedure is completed.”

Dr. Jay Lopez offers an initial complimentary consultation for dental implant treatment. “This way patients can get to know me and learn what treatment would entail for their specific circumstances, prior to making a decision and investing financially in dental implant treatment,” says Lopez.