Why Choose Dr. Jay Lopez for Dental Implant Treatment?

Designing your perfect teeth is not just a science; it’s an Art. Dr. Jay Lopez and his custom dental lab in Tucson are true experts with years of postgraduate training. They genuinely care that your individualized treatment will meet the highest standards and provide you with the best long-lasting results.
Dr. Lopez will take time to get to know you and answer all of your questions. All steps of your treatment will be in the comfort of our one conveniently located and familiar office. Patient safety and health are always our primary concern.

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Your prosthesis will be customized for your unique mouth to provide long-term comfort, stability, and function while at the same time making your prosthetic teeth and gum tissue a perfect aesthetic match for your facial structure and smile.

Sedation dentistry is one of the areas in which Dr. Lopez has expertise. Because Dr. Lopez is certified to personally administer IV sedation, he can provide you with this highest level of sedation, or if you prefer, he offers lighter oral sedation, which enables you to be aware (conscious) during your procedure. Because IV sedation is administered directly into the bloodstream, the effects are immediate, very accurate and safe. With this type of sedation, you will not remember your procedure. If you choose conscious sedation, Dr. Lopez will prescribe a pill to be taken one hour before your procedure, and you will be very relaxed and comfortable during treatment. Local anesthetic will be administered to eliminate any sensation of pain.

Patients drive from all over Tucson to have Dr. Jay Lopez do their dental implants. Why? Because he is focused on the highest standard of care, and they know they can trust him to predictably achieve the optimal results they desire.

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Call us today for your free dental implant consultation— (520) 886-8090. After you have al the information you need to make an informed decision, we will invite you to schedule your first treatment appointment. Dr. Jay Lopez and his friendly team will strive to make every visit a wonderful experience.