Oncology Guide to Oral Health

It’s common for patients who are receiving radiation therapy to the head or neck and/or receiving chemotherapy to have oral health complications. In the case of radiation, there is a risk of bone tissue dying in irradiated areas, due to restricted blood supply. The best course of action is to see Dr. Jay Lopez prior … Continue Reading »

Chemotherapy and Your Mouth

A frequent question that chemotherapy patients ask Dr. Jay Lopez, is “How does chemotherapy affect my mouth?” They have been advised or read about side effects that make it uncomfortable and difficult to swallow, chew, and speak. There also is increased risk of dental caries and infections of the mouth. It may also surprise you … Continue Reading »

You Can Help Yourself and Others Through Oral Cancer Awareness

Dentists are on the frontlines of screening patients regularly for oral cancer. Dr. Lopez and our hygienists carefully examine you every time you come for a dental checkup and dental cleaning. Adjunct cancer screening technology is available in our office for scanning the soft tissue of your mouth with a fluorescent light. If you observe … Continue Reading »